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Hello sir i am in a dilemma and great confusion as which place to chose for my college education. I have two choice that is  Munich and Chicago. I am looking to do Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering. My family is not from a rich background and thats why i have this dilemma because Chicago offers education at a high cost but in English language whereas Munich offers free education but in German Language this is the reason i am confused can you please help me out asap i request you.

Thank You

I don't know which universities you are considering.  But make sure you go to a university that offers an accredited program in Aero/Astro, Aero, or Astro Engineering.  

The University of Chicago is not accredited for any type of engineering.  The University of Illinois at Chicago is accredited for some types of engineering, but not for Aero, Astro, or Aero/Astro.  You may want to use the ABET website to search for accredited universities.

The best-known Aero/Astro program in the USA is Embry-Riddle, which has its main campus in Florida, with satellite locations in Arizona and elsewhere.  Here's their website

Good luck.

Choosing the Right College

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