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I want to know is bible permit live together or having sex before marriage?Or gay or lesbian life?
As we see most western countries permit it.


Most people fail to understand the reason why not only Jesus, but many other people of historical name, as well as many historians, scientists and other well educated people, are against fornication and adultery.  All societies of any size have the family as a basic unit and, to tear down the basic unit of society, is to be against humanity and the stability of society in general.  There are thousands of songs, stories and books written with "home" as a theme, because even though all families are imperfect and some are far worse than others, the family unit gives children growing up a both a physically safe and psychological place of safety within their own minds.

Children's concepts of love, peace, safety and security are generally centered around the family and, consider how chaotic society would be if there was no safe or secure place for children and adults to retreat to, away from strangers and the greater society at large.  In addition to this, probably by far the greatest killer and otherwise spreader of major diseases within human civilization is by sexual transmission; to tear down the family unit is to encourage the spread of mass physical, psychological and emotional diseases.  

Psychologists who work with children confirm that children often blame themselves when parents commit adultery and/or otherwise break up and, divorce can scar them for life.  And, partners who have been cheated on are among the worst emotional basket cases psychologists deal with.  There are very good reasons for many things in the Bible that many people fail to consider until it is far too late.  The selfish, self-serving and thoughtless actions of adults can very greatly harm their own children and other children, as well as other adults and their society in general.  Our actions are emulated and copied by children and, if what we do harms other people, what they do in turn will also harm other people.  

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