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David Simmons wrote at 2013-07-25 16:45:56
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was once hopelessly addicted to

alcohol and drugs. Aggressively hating

God, his life mirrored a runaway

freight train. But entering a treatment

center in 1995 saw the beginning of

continuous sobriety/recovery through

Alcoholics Anonymous. With genuine

zeal, he shared this newfound A.A.

philosophy, telling his “story” at

meetings, treatment centers, and

CCA (jail), meanwhile participating

in over 1,900 A.A. meetings, starting

new outreaches, and even managing a

halfway house.

Equally, as the fringe areas of his life

were righting themselves, his alcohol/

drug addiction also seemed finally

under control. Yet he still had an

eternal situation—before the God of

the Bible—that had never been dealt

with. In 2004, something profound

occurred that changed his entire

world view. Now his passion is telling

the sequel to his story.

Blessings, David


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