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Hi! I'm trying t remember a kids movie from around the 90's, I used to watched when I was a kid, more than 20 years ago. I believe the portion of the bible that it was based of was the parable of the wedding feast in Luke 14. I remember it stared with this boy of about 10 years who liked to draw and he draws a little kid cartoon that becomes alive and gets out of the paper...the next thing I can remember is the boy competing in some tv show and he believes he is the best and is very arrogant but then he looses the game and he feels really embarrassed and learns humility...I don't remember how it ends or how the movie goes but those are the main things..also I think the little cartoon had a skater.

Thank you in advance!!!!

McGee and Me
McGee and Me  
Hi Karen,

The series your thinking of is mcgee and me, here is a link to find them,

I hope this helps, it was a great series.


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