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Christian Movies/Film Names PLEASsseee!


I must say reading all of your answers you guys are GREAT! Hope you can help me now.
ok 1.
there was a short christian kids film with a puppet fox on was talking about a stolen feather duster and a school with two kids breaking in to a window. he the fox then raps the song about either stealing or lying on his radio station.
2. theres another kids film with daniel but it was done in a play with real kids i think with king nebukanezzer oops spelling


No. 2, about the play, I'm not sure, would need more info. If it's like a Church play, I would not know the answer, sorry.

No.1, might be "Kingdom Chums", this is cartoon, but also has live action in parts. I know in has songs, maybe a radio station? I have not seen this one in many years, don't remember a lot?

Let me know if this is not it and I will think about it more.


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