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Christian Movies/HELP! Christian Christmas Kids Movie (from the 90's???)


I have been searching for YEARS for this one christian kids movie/special I watched when I was younger! I remember a few random details, but have searched google and asked with no avail. SO here goes:

The movie is a bunch of kids of random ages. I remember in the beginning (or could have been the end) that a little blond girl is given a big box that has a teddy bear inside as her christmas gift. If I remember correctly the bear actually comes to life and *I think* they explain the birth of christ to the teddy bear. Through the whole movie they sing different christmas carols like Go Tell It On the Mountain, Jesus Go Where I send Thee, Feliz Navidad, etc. and sing it in different places. For example when they sing Jesus Go Where I send Thee they sing in the shape of a christmas tree.  They are also dressed up for almost the whole movie and in the end (I think) they go to a Christmas Eve service at their church. I wish I could remember more but I can't! Please please pleaseeee let me know if you remember what this was!!! Thank you!!

I'm not positive about this one - Could it be BJ's Teddy Bear Club - here is a link to one of episodes -

There is also Boz the bear -

Here is the 3rd one we know about -
The Adventures of Prayer Bear (Steve Green)

Hope the one you are looking for is in this list.

Sincerely, Roger

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