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Christian Movies/Christian kids series/movie from 80s?!?


I remember watching this show in my grandpas christian bookstore as a kid, but there was a giant floor piano on the steps where the kids would all sit for stories. They would recieve letters telling stories/asking moral questions and I remember a specific story about a boy hoeing in an elderly mans garden when he got bit by a snake and the elderly man carried him to safety? I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME IF THIS SHOW/SERIES AND I NEED TO KNOW! I remember enjoying that show, as well as veggietales and bibleman, McGhee and me etc. and I feel like my boys would enjoy them when they get a bit older. Please help!!

Hello Brianna,

We are thinking this might be Circle Square that you are talking about but we aren't sure.  Try this link to find out if this is what you are referring to:

For Veggie Tales - - You may want to try the database for finding children's films - you can browse by category as well.  Each film or series has an individual film page and within the page are links to where you can purchase.
Here is another link directly to purchase Veggie Tales

Here is a link to Amazon to purchase McGee and Me series -

I hope this information helps.

Here is a link to the Bibleman series on the database as well:

It will have all the titles and link to where you can purchase.


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