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QUESTION: I remember having a movie when I was a kid that was about the Whitman's journey to Oregon and their mission work. It was a newer movie I would say no older then the 90's but I can't remember the name. I want to watch it again cause it was really good.

ANSWER: Hello, we are not sure about this DVD.  We don't remember seeing one about them before.  You can try this site: I believe this is their blog or maybe this site:

Hopefully one of those sites might know.  I'm really sorry we don't know this one.

Sincerely, Roger

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Those sites didn't help. The movie also talked about the massacre that happened and the struggle to form relationships with the Indians.

Hi Charity,

These sites were to use to contact them directly and ask them.  There wasn't any information on the actual sites themselves.  It may take some research.

It sounds a lot like the VHS we've watched called "the calling" -

But it's a different name and they are in Peru.  Sorry we can't think of the one you're looking for.

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