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QUESTION: I saw this movie at a church in 1977. It might have the word "Flame" or "Fire" in the title. It has to do with the Catholic Inquisition and the Protestant Reformation of the middle ages. A monastery of monks has converted to the "new faith" or protestantism. The monks are discovered and are attacked and killed or burnt at the stake. The plot is about the last monk who holds out until the last and finally converts. He is locked up in prison to await his fate. While there he meets the man who first brought the new faith to the area. He soon learns that this man is his father, and they rejoice that they will die together.  A very dramatic movie, but humor mixed in at times.

ANSWER: I am so sorry but this movie doesn't sound familiar at all to us.  I can't think of this one or find out anything about it.  You did give quite a few details - I just wish I knew which one it is.

Sincerely, Roger

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QUESTION: Thank you for your help. There is one thing that might help, in the 1990's we would get movie catalog's in the mail that sold unusual or hard to find movies, and this movie would sometimes show up in the christian sections. Do these companies still exist? Ever since computers the catalogs don't show up in the mail anymore. But do thank for trying!

There is a place called Something Weird Video that used to send out a catalog.  It might in one of their films.  They sell a lot of bad videos on that site so we don't like to recommend them but they have a lot of black/white videos that are Christian that they sell under the Christian Scare Films.  It could be located there.  I can't even locate their actual website any longer so I'm unsure if they still sell them.

Sincerely, Roger

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