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I am trying to find a movie that I used to love as a kid. I don't remember the name of it. It was about a group of kids that lived in the desert and one of the kids dad was a fighter pilot that died, he lived at a gas station that his family owned.  Anyway the kids all had 4 wheelers and they had a mystery to solve. There may be a couple of movies that go along with the one that I am thinking about.  Can you please help?

The Last Chance Detectives: Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa
The Last Chance Detect  

The film you are looking for is a 3 part Christian film series called "Last Chance Detectives" by Focus on the Family.

I loved this series, it was very well done. A must see for all youth.

Here is a link to all 3 and where you can find them.

Enjoy, Roger  

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