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When i was younger i watched a movie about a christian guy who flew his plane to an area with i think they were some type of indian the indians dont speak any english in the movie.the guy if i remember right was amissionary and help them with sickness to. He gained their trust. Another tribe i thinkvstarteda war with the one he was helping and he got caught in the middle and got speared through the back and his son figured out he was dead when i was supposed to be home but didnt come and the boy couldnt get a hold of him over the radio...sorry if this isnt a very good discription its been a whle since iv seen it.please help

This is a great True story, they made three films about this story.

"End of the Spear"

"Beyond the Gates of Splendor"

An an older film "Through Gates of Splendor"

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