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There is a--I believe Christian movie--that looks like it could've been made in the late 80s or early to mid 90s. There are two really close guy friends. Sadly, one guys moved away to a big city. When the two did separate, they continued corresponding via written letters. This lasted for a while, but the letters eventually stopped when the guy who moved started hanging out with ruffians, wears dark clothing, starts smoking, and becomes different character-wise.

There is one particular scene where the guy who stays--he matures into a good guy--is reunited with his friend who is now a jerk. In this particular scene, the changed guys tries to take his former friend's bike, but his friend was compassionate and merciful enough to just give the bike without confrontation.

We love this film - it's "the Buttercream Gang" - here is a link to purchase it on Amazon.


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