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Hey thanks for taking my question. My brother and I used to watch all sorts of Christian movies when we were growing up like the Odyssey and Mcgee and me which we still have. but we watch one that I am trying to find out what it was. I remember that it started with a bunch of kids sneaking into a guys room trying to get through the portal in his closet to get back to there base or hideout. while doing that the guy wakes up and follows them through the portal. while at there base he gives his testimony and sings with the kids. I remember alot of singing and dancing. I remember there was bad guy and he sent one of his bad guy friends to stop the kids from doing something i cant remember but in short the kids win him over to Christ. I hope this helps thanks.

I am not positive but it sounds a little bit like "Superkids" perhaps the Intruder, which was the first one.

Check and see the trailer if one of these might be it.

If not, if you could remember anything else about it, please let me know.  

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