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QUESTION: Could you please help me find a DVD of the Christian movie 'The Centreville Awakening' made in 1959. This is a very, very special movie based on how God worked in revival power from person to person when a pastor and his wife set their hearts on seeking God for a deeper work of grace in their own lives and their paritioners' lives. I so badly want this movie for a saw it years ago and want our Baptist Church in Horison, Johannesburg South Africa to watch it. Can you please, please help me? Cobus Britz

ANSWER: I have a friend who specializes in these older film titles so I've emailed him to find out if he knows about that film and if there is any way to get a hold of it for you.  Hoping to have an answer within a couple of days.

I did get some more information on this film from my friend but it's rather detailed - The film is called MESSENGER OF PEACE, based on a true story. It was made in 1947 by the Lutheran Church, and was so well reviewed that it was picked up my Astor Pictures and distributed theatrically.

He is trying to get a hold of him to try and get the film.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Roger, there's some misunderstanding. The movies' name is deffinately not Messenger of Hope. I showed the movie to many crowds and it was 'Centreville Awakening'. If you can find out about this title, I am interested. This movie, based on a true story, was about a Baptist Church in Centreville (USA). It also has nothing to do with the Centreville Festivals that is so well knows. Trust you would be able to source something for me. God bless! Cobus Britz

Title Centerville awakening [motion picture] / presented by Gospel Films, Inc

Imprint [United States : s.n., 1958] sd., b&w 2 reels (ca. 73 min.) ;
2 film reels (ca. 73 min.) 16mm

Cast Russ & Marjorie Reed, Harry Elders, Maurice Copeland
Credits Writer, director, Ken Anderson
Summary A missionary couple struggle to bring revival to a church they pastor after returning from Africa

My friend is looking into getting it - the other title was one he recommended and that was my fault reading it too quickly.  

If you want to talk further about it later on - go to christian film database and use the contact button and I can get you in touch with my friend.  Sincerely, Roger  

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