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When I was younger I watched a movie and it had a monkey puppet in it that gets his hand stuck in a trap trying to get peanuts. It also had the lines "I saw Esau sitting on a seesaw, that's what I saw when I saw Esau." That's the only thing I can remember about it, I have tried finding it for years but have had no luck.

Well - all I could find were the lyrics of the song - I couldn't remember or find what puppet show might have used the song.  I'm really sorry but I just don't know this one.

`The Monkey and the Peanut Jar' was one of five Aesop's fables told by the Robert Rogers Puppet Company. In the story, the monkey gets his hand stuck in a jar because he wants to eat a bunch of peanuts rather than just take one at a time.

I vaguely remember watching this sometime but I didn't remember it being a puppet.  There is a series that is a cartoon series with some of the fables on it, as well as other stories.

Circle Square we think had puppets sometimes too - they are parables too -

I saw Esau sitting on a see-saw
I saw Esau with my girl
I saw Esau sitting on a see-saw
Giving her a merry whirl
When I saw Esau, he saw me
And I saw red and got so sore
So I got a saw and I sawed Esau
Off that old see-saw

I was strolling in the park
I was as happy as a little lark
Then I got a big surprise
Right before my eyes

[Repeat chorus]

My girl started in to laugh when I
Sawed that see-saw right in half
Then I knew she was really mine
Ever since the time

[Repeat chorus]

I go strolling in the park
Always happy as a little lark
And from my girl, he stays away
Every since the day

[Repeat chorus]

Off that old see-saw

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