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ReGen Fan wrote at 2009-05-27 19:52:44
Re'Generation was a FANTASTIC group that Derric put together that traveled nationwide to present gospel and secular music and touched millions of hearts.  Derric went on to oversee music at Disney World, including a few of the voices from Re'Gen. Try checking out Re'Generation on Facebook.

Re'Gen alum wrote at 2010-09-26 05:51:55
Derric Johnson's Re'Generation will be having a 40th anniversary Re'Union concert at the First Baptist Church of Orlando on October 17, 2010. This one time only concert will bring together former members of the group who now live all over the US. Music at this program will be highlights of the years The Re'Generation toured across the country. Please spread the word about this one time only incredible event. See for more information..  Thanks for sharing this information!!!

Denise S. wrote at 2010-10-08 02:30:12
Yes, Re'Generation came to Akron to sing.  There were actually 10 singers from all over the country.  I was blessed to be a part of the group from 1977-1978 and I am originally from Akron as well.

Old Spurrlow wrote at 2011-06-04 04:28:02
The Spurrlows were an early Christian tour group founded in 1959 by Thurlow Spurr. (Now I suppose you’d call them a contemporary Christian group – yes with drums and guitars – but not contemporary by today’s standards.) At some point the Spurrlows picked up Chrysler as a sponsor and they did high school assemblies pushing driver education while they continued to do church concerts at night on their own time.

Chrysler ran into money problems and the school year 1969-1970 was the last year of sponsorship of the Spurrlows by Chrysler Corporation. There were actually two Spurrlow groups that year, one that was sponsored by Chrysler and one that was not. With Chrysler no longer in the picture finances became a big deal. So in the summer of 1970 a lot changed. The second Spurrlow group became history and Regeneration was formed. It was part of Splendor Productions, the parent organization of the Spurrlows. (There were other small groups as well.)

The Spurrlows and Regeneration shared a rehearsal facility in Michigan. Derrick Johnson was the director from the beginning but the group itself mostly had people that had toured with the Spurrlows the previous year. The intent was to be able to serve churches with a less-edgy format and a smaller organization that was less costly to have on the road.

It didn’t take long for Regeneration to establish itself and it split off from Splendor Productions.

RG1 wrote at 2012-02-21 20:45:42
You might be thinking about the group called Renaissance. They were comprised mostly of the Toney family out of the Detroit Michigan area. The site for them, I believe is

Randy Evans wrote at 2013-10-31 22:35:22
Re'Generation was an unbelievably talented group of singers who would tour the country and perform at churches everywhere.We were fortunate enough to see them two years in a row at my local church back in the mid-to-late 1970's (First Baptist Church Stuart, FL). I was only a young teenager back then but even I was amazed and thrilled at their performance and was quite moved by the message they always impressed upon people. Their unbelievable musical talents really moved people and Re'Generation became well known among christian artists of the period. Afterward they would have tables set up in the foyer so people could purchase their records or tapes (cassette tape was the primary media of that period), and you could talk to the performers and get to know them better. I recall they toured in a large converted Greyhound passenger bus. I remember how they seemed to be like rock stars of the christian world and the people truly loved them.

It was a real privilege to have seen them perform in person - and TWICE at that :)

Terri K Schmitt wrote at 2013-12-30 15:33:20
My older brother actually traveled and sang in the group ReGeneration. There were actually 10 of them in the group, 5 girls and 5 guys. They were from Olivet Nazarene College and directed by Derric Johnson. My brother (Glenn Phillips) passed away at age 34, so I would love to reconnect with some of the others that were in the group. Here's a website with some info about their recordings.  

Brian wrote at 2015-11-13 18:01:02
i remember seeing them at a methodist church we were attending must have been late 70's the pastors name was Don Davies... thats all i remember

Judith wrote at 2016-01-08 03:13:28
Regeneration came to First Baptist Church in Jackson, Alabama  in the late 70's. I was very impressed with their harmony, professionalism and their love for the LORD. Their singing really was heart felt and sincere. I particularly remember the song, "Praise the Lord". They had a brass ensemble along with the singers; one of the trumpet players stayed with us. I am pretty sure they were asked to perform at DisneyWorld. How I would love to hear them all again.

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