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Russ Bell wrote at 2008-12-27 17:26:22
Who Killed Jesus 1970 New Spring - Mickey Holiday

Chorus 1:

C          Em    F          G

Who killed Jesus many years ago

Dm      G7    C

Who is guilty of a crime so low

C          F

Why did He have to die What is the reason why

C          Em    F          G

Who killed Jesus I would like to know

C          G        C          G

Was it Roman soldiers with their tools of war?

C          F          G

Driving nails thru hands that did no wrong

C          G     C          G

Mocking and abusing Crowning Him with thorns

C          D          G-F-C-G

All the evidence is very strong

C          G      C          G

Was it Pontius Pilate He was governor?

C          F          G

Trying to decide the case that day

C          G     C          G

Finding that the Savior Had no fault His own

C          D          G-F-C-G

Was he guilty when he turned away

C          G        C          G

Was it Hebrew children Proud of who they were?

C          F          G

Shouting crucify Him at their King

C          G    C          G

Trading their Messiah For a common thief

C          D          G-F-C-G

Turning down the kingdom He could bring

C          G     C          G

When I think of Jesus And the way He died

C          F          G

How upon Him all my sin was laid

C          G      C          G

All the other people Fade away from view

C          D          G-F-C-G

It's for me the sacrifice was made

C    Em     F          G   Dm     G7         C

I no longer wonder anymore I have found what I've been searching for

C          F

My sin demanded hell On Him the judgment fell

C    Em     F          G

I am guilty Now it's plain to see


That it was really me  

Nickle wrote at 2011-04-12 16:02:30
I had the music at one time in an old "Favorites" Song Book Volume 7. It is published by Singspiration Publishers.  I want to sing this for the Wed before Easter and I can't find my book!  BUt if you come across ths book... I am sure you will find the music!

s1nger wrote at 2013-01-14 22:32:47
The song "Who Killed Jesus" was recorded in 1974 on a gospel album called, "Songs of Love & Joy" by Helen McAlerney Barth and Sharon Barth, a mother/daughter duo. Sharon sings this particular song as a solo.  The album is a duet album, apart from two solos by Sharon, and it was recorded at the Bill Gaither Studios. The other solo on the album was,"Come to the Water", another popular gospel song of that day.

steve wrote at 2013-03-26 19:32:28
My Mom used to sing this song in many Churches years ago.

I wonder where is the person from that asked this question?  I would love it if it was my mom they were referring to.

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