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Carolyn wrote at 2008-08-26 17:36:40
I also heard ReGeneration on my Christian radio station a few years ago and call the Baptist music place in Nashville. The lady I spoke with told me they were no longer together and she knew as her brother used to sing with them. She also said that one of the members had died and some of them were now singing with the Disney group.I've tried to find their music myself as I love their recordings. If you find anything by them,please let us know!

Randy Evans wrote at 2013-10-31 22:32:05
I haven't heard anything further about this group since they performed at our church sometime around the mid 1970's. I just happened to think of this phenomenal group a few moments ago and decided to see if there was any mention of them on the internet or if they were even still around. Sadly I really don't see anything about them with the exception of a couple people who express fond memories of them and their great musical talent.

Re'Generation was an unbelievably talented group of singers who would tour the country and perform at churches everywhere.We were fortunate enough to see them two years in a row at my local church back in the mid 1970's (First Baptist Church Stuart, FL). I was only a young teenager back then but even I was amazed and thrilled at their performance and was quite moved by the message they always impressed upon people. Their unbelievable musical talents really moved people and Re'Generation became well known among christian artists of the period. Afterward they would have tables set up in the foyer so people could purchase their records or tapes (cassette tape was the primary media of that period), and you could talk to the performers and get to know them better. I recall they toured in a large converted Greyhound passenger bus. I remember how they seemed to be like rock stars of the christian world and the people truly loved them.

Unfortunately there doesn't really seem to be any information about Re'Generation. After briefly checking online the only real mention of this group appears to be that of folks like us reminiscing about the good old days when this wonderful group of singers would come to town and sweep churches off their feet with their music. Aside from that I don't know that they exist anymore but they were indeed one phenomenal collection of people who made thousands if not millions of people very happy with some of the best musical talent of the day :)

It was a real privilege to have seen them perform in person - and TWICE at that :)

Earthbound1975 wrote at 2014-01-25 18:59:18
I too wondered whatever happened to them since the days I fell in love with their close harmonies.  They were easy listening to the max and the lone album I had of theirs "...Beautiful" certainly was. I've been looking for the songbook form this album for years--it was very faithful.

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