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Melinda wrote at 2008-08-02 00:18:40
I have the book for the musical. It has all the songs, spoken words and music and guitar parts.  It's paperback, and has the "Tell it Like it is" flower-power logo on the front.  It is from Lexicon Music, Inc. and distributed by WORD, INC out of Waco, Texas, 76703, copyright 1969.

Maybe you can use this information to find a copy for yourself.

moproducer wrote at 2009-11-23 04:19:45
WellÖalmost.  The lyrics shown are a compilation of two songs: "Tell It Like It Is" and "Tell It Like It Is - Reprise", the latter being performed as an encore or epilogue to the performance of the musical.

Not all of the lyrics are shown. There's a choral spoken part, performed at the beginning (inspired, no doubt, by Bob Oldenburgís GOOD NEWS; and bridge solos after the first chorus. The opening number actually goes like this:



Whadíya hear?

Could be truth

Cominí near.

Itís got rhythm

Itís got sound.

Itís got wallop

Youíve never found

Before, and whatís


You canít

Beat it now, and thatís



Worth more than gold.

Canít be bought

Canít be sold.

Letís try to find it.

Iím sure we can

Iíve heard it said

That every man should

Be at least


But thatís

Gonna take some more



Truth, truth, truth, truth.


Let's tell the truth about the world we live in

Let's ask about the God who put it here

Let's tell the truth about our friends and neighbors

Let's check the cause of all our hate and fear.

Let's look at love and find out where it comes from

Let's look at life and all that we hold dear

Let's check it now before it quickly passes

Let's use today before it disappears


Let's tell it like it is

Tell it like it is

We're tired of pretty words designed for youth

Let's tell it like it is

Tell it like it is

Get down to where the searcher meets the truth.


Answers are not easy comin'

Even to a full-time mind.

Part-time searchiní, easy-goiní

Make the answers hard to find.


Truth is like a sphere-shaped object

More than just one simple side.

Wait 'til all the facts assemble

Ponder some and then decide.


Let's take a long look at ourselves and find out

Just who we are and where we go from here

Let's get some answers to important questions

Let's have some truth and have it loud and clear

So if you dare to face the issue squarely

Not just pretend but really be sincere

Don't be surprised Ďcause anything could happen

We might just open up a new frontier.


Let's tell it like it is

Tell it like it is

Don't think that life is wasted on the youth

Just tell it like it is

Tell it like it is

Get movin' to the rhythm

Movin' to the rhythm

Moviní to the rhythm

Movin' to the rhythm

Moviní to the rhythm

Of the truth.

The numbers, in order, are:

Tell It Like It Is

Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand

Check Him Out

What's God Like?/God Is Love

Master Designer

I Believe God is Real

Do As I Say

Rosy Tinted Glasses

Our Turn At Bat

The Good Old Days

When It's Gone

Consider Now the Lily


A New Mind

That's For Me

A New Mind (Reprise)

That's The Way It Is

Love Is Surrender

He's There Waiting

Pass It On

Tell It Like It Is (Reprise)

Believe me, as a veteran of several hundred performances of "TELL IT" (the musical) all over the US, I should know. Itís been nearly 40 years, but I could probably play the lead guitar and bass parts in my sleep (the band had to arrange it ourselves; there was never a published score).

Pass it on!

Wendy wrote at 2010-09-30 16:19:00
I have ALL the words for the whole musical, My church did it in the early 70's. I realize it has been 2 years since the queation was asked, but if she still wants them she may contact me using Tell it like it is in the subject.

sorensenvet wrote at 2013-01-13 18:13:06
I have the music book for "Tell it Like it is" and can give you any lyrics you need.  

kt wrote at 2015-10-19 13:41:04
I too was preparing a production of Tell it Like It Is with my youth choir back in the early seventies...I had to move before it was completed, but have sung those songs in my head, and out loud, ever since. They have been a blessing throughout.

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