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Is it ok to listen to music from a specific denominations even if you don't agree with their beliefs like say a Baptist listening to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir or Catholic Gregorian chants?

Dear James,

Your question is thoughtful and interesting and has no right or wrong answers. I can only give you my humble opinion. As a Christian and a music lover, I appreciate all kinds of music. I grew up in the Baptist church and love the old hymns. I love the majestic sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle choir. I attended an evensong service at Westminster Abbey this past summer and I was touched by their haunting and beautiful Gregorian chants.

To answer your question more specifically, yes, I believe that it's possible to listen to music from other "denominations" even if you don't agree with all of their beliefs.

My personal experience with music is that I have felt the presence of God listening to a variety of different musical genres including gospel, rock, pop, classical, jazz and country music. One caveat: Not all music qualifies as I cannot accept music that include vulgarity, disrespect or evil.

History shows that the ancient Hebrews did not compartmentalize life into sacred and secular. All of life was sacred. This is a concept to consider.


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