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I'm trying to recall a song I heard as a teenager in the late 70@s, not sure if it was a John Pantry song or not, but some of the lyrics were similar to

" a crowded room is no escape from me, I walk right up, introduce myself, I am loneliness"

If anybody could lead me either the singer or the full song I would be most grateful

Dear Steve,

I've haven't located the artist or the song but if you're willing to continue the search, here are my suggestions.

Go to the following websites and place your question on their Q&A/discussion/forum pages. If a forum isn't available on their website, email the contact person on the site or go to the website's Facebook page and post your question.

Another idea is to peruse these websites and look at the old album covers and song listings. You may see something that will spark a memory for finding this song.

Here are the websites I recommend: (different website than previous listing, classics is plural)

I wish you success on your search!



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