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jeff wrote at 2007-06-26 03:45:55
Hi Rob,

I remember Christian Stevens the Band also . It was two guys with some great Christian Lyrics,they toured around alot and I think they were at Lehigh university in the mid 80's. I have two of there albums or at least one around and sometimes there cool lyics still pop up in my brian. i would love to know how to find them or get more info or albums of them. i was looking them upp actually when I came across your blog..

jeff wrote at 2007-06-26 03:55:31
He is the vacin for your vacine brother listen to me ,He is the pill for all your ails and there ain't mo fee. Words of Christain Stevens song as I remember them from the 80's..were did those guys go, time to dig out my casetts of them.

Billvanpelt wrote at 2008-01-12 10:31:29
I am good friends with Mikes wife (Mike is 1/2 of Christian Stevens) Although I havent seen either of them in ages I do see her brother quite a bit.

Mike went into the ministry and is now pastor of a church, The other 1/2 (sorry cant remeber his first name) Also become a pastor.

Mike and Lisa have quite a few children.

My favorite song was "the king and the maidan"

Lori wrote at 2008-04-19 23:04:12
The musical group Christian Stevens used to be made up of two men named Bob Miller and Mike Shaw.  When Mike left the group to pursue other ministry opportunities, Bob's wife Joni Miller took his place.  Bob is currently (as of April 2008) the senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship church in West Chester, PA.

joe wrote at 2008-12-05 05:11:34
I had the first album and saw them live in 1982.  The band's name was their middle names, I believe.

The lyric of "Facelift" was "he's the vaccine for your bad scene, brother, listen to me..."

Every song was great and i wish I could find it on CD.  I don't know if I still have the LP.

Tom wrote at 2008-12-23 23:41:30
I remember Christian Stevens as two guys and a woman. They performed at a Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas conference in Philadelphia back in the mid '80s. A friend of mine picked up their latest cassette at the time called Christian Stevens 3. The woman sung an Easter song something like,"Just doesn't seem fair, thorns in your hair.." Would love to get some of their music if anybody knows how to.

Gayle wrote at 2009-02-10 00:35:27
I am currently listening to one of their albums.  I saw them in concert when I was a little girl (about 8 yrs old).  When I saw them it was Bob & Joni Miller and I think Mike Shaw was there too. I loved them and still do.

Tony Salmon wrote at 2009-08-18 13:03:21
Hello, Rob...I am an old fan of Christian Stevens and I saw them more than once in the 80's!  Their voices flowed together like Simon and Garfunkle which was great because I listened to nothing other than christian music.  Rob, I have not been able to find anything about them on the net.  You post may be the first I've seen.  I will take the recommendation of googling "Christian Stevens discography" as soon as I post this!  Tony Salmon

john wrote at 2010-06-27 22:13:15
Yes, Christian Stevens was a Christian Band composed of two young men.  I believe they had two albums, then one of the men married and he and his wife produced a third.  Allthree albums had a beautiful selection of acoustic guitar and piano arrangements.  

Kristie wrote at 2010-09-23 20:00:42
I remember seeing these people too.  They played for our Winter Retreat at the Poconoe Plateau.  I sacrificed my food money just to buy their cassette.  They are great.  I remember there was another guy named Louie in their band, too.  It was three guys and a girl.  I love their music.

Bob the Medic wrote at 2010-11-26 16:29:26
If memory serves me correctly, Joni came from another great Christian band called First Love.  They were quite popular locally in the northeast.

Marey wrote at 2011-01-01 20:14:34
I saw Christian Stevens perform 3 different times.  First was at the Brooklake Church in Florham Park in 1980.  Then in 1982 I saw them at Seton Hall University, and later at Creation '82. I listened to my cassette tape until the tape broke.  Their song "Broken and Bleeding" is a great song for communion, reminding us what He went through to pay for our sins.  

Thom wrote at 2011-01-10 21:49:04
I have one of their records in pristine condition.  Like you, I've wonder what ever become of them.  Good luck tracking them down.  

Christopher Davis wrote at 2011-01-14 01:15:22
It doesn't seem like the music is available anywhere online. I, too, saw Christian Stephens in the 80s and really liked their Simon & Garfunkel style. The comment on this blog made me wonder whether I had some vinyl of them and I went through my albums and found one titled Christian Stephens II. I am very interested in listening to it as soon as I am able (don't have a turntable at the moment). The best we can do, at the moment, is to convert the analog vinyl to only marginal-quality digital.

Matlyn wrote at 2011-10-29 16:49:00
I just had their song about the vine and the branches running through my mind, and tried to look it up online to play.  Couldn't find anything anywhere aside from this blog.  Now that it's 2011, perhaps some of those lucky enough to have kept their vinyl also have the capability of changing it to disc or digital now and would be interested in sharing!  I'm interested in hearing from anyone who can do that...

Vtxgal wrote at 2012-03-08 21:06:40
His name is bob miller and is in West Chester.  he is the pastor at my church

bownowvinyl wrote at 2012-05-09 02:41:35
I have the vinyl lp from Christian Stevens that has the trilogy type song on it....the entire lp is awesome......need to transfer it to cd.....I wore the lp out in the 80s but found a clean copy on ebay.....

Joe wrote at 2012-06-04 02:16:57
I saw them in Orlando, FL in the 80's.  I wish I could get a copy of there music.  Can not find anything on them anywhere.  I love the way they told a story.  

Tina wrote at 2012-06-26 20:48:43
Someone uploaded a lot of their songs onto YouTube.

jerseygirl wrote at 2012-11-26 18:56:44
I have a beautiful memory of Christian Stevens being on my church retreat when I lived in NJ. They did a song called "John the Revelator",I only owned one cassette tape and I'm afraid I don't have that anymore. Many years ago when a good friend of mine was suffering from pancreatitis, I wanted to give her something that would cheer her up so I gave her my only Christian Stevens tape. Like all of you I would love to have something on CD from them but am glad that all of these wonderful songs were made available to listen to. I remember them personally performing "Thomas" and that was even on my tape as well. I write a lot of poetry and dabble in writing songs as well. They were nice enough to listen to my song and give me some pointers. They were such down to earth guys. I only remember two guys and no girl so perhaps they hadn't come on board yet.

Pete Hinkley wrote at 2014-03-12 13:09:04
These 2 guys used to stay at my parent's house in NEPA when they came thru. I used to play and sing for them and we would run together. I was in high school at the time. That was during the 1st 2 album's stage. The correct spelling of the band is Christian Stephens (not Stevens). The 2 members are Michael Christian Shaw and Robert Steven Miller. My Mom gave away the albums we had while I was away at college. GAAAAAAAA!

You can see the listing of the 1st album's songs on the copyright website when they applied for copyrights for those songs.

GarryK wrote at 2014-07-12 23:19:10
I was just thinking about Bob and Mike today wondering if I had made a digital copy of their first 2 albums, sadly I had not, and no longer have the lp's. I was part timing at a local non profit radio station and had the honor of interviewing them twice, once during a Creation Festival at Muddy Run Park, that would make it 1980 or 81. A second time at a church in New Holland, PA. We kept in touch for a while, last I recall one of them was the pastor at a church in Coatsville, PA. Those were some blessed times.

KenK wrote at 2014-08-26 02:22:11
I had the first two albums on tape.  I converted the first album to digital and have it on my iPod. Unfortunately I cannot find the second tape and never converted it.

DonDel wrote at 2014-12-30 18:46:11
Thanks to Pete for correcting proper name of duo.  I have all 3

of Christian Stephens 80 albums and 1 cd Torn Veil from 1997; I

have no knowledge of any other recordings.  Broken & Bleeding,

King & the Maiden, Prayers & Dreams and some cuts from Torn Veil

are among my favorites. It would be nice if someone could do a

bio on the duo, I have found quite a few bios on christian artists.

btw, you can also comment on Christian Stephens' music on a site

called "Crossrhythms" based in England.   You can find old and new christian groups and those discontinued.  God Bless.

Anglican Prayer wrote at 2015-02-13 14:48:18
I've uploaded some of their songs from their first album (from my vinyl LP) here:

If anyone finds a CD or MP3 available for purchase of any of their albums, I'd love to know about it.

JCC wrote at 2015-03-09 06:37:01
Sadly, Bob Miller (Robert Stephen Miller), passed away on March 2 from prostate cancer.  Here's the website of his church where he pastored:

You can listen to podcasts of his sermons.  They are excellent!

EugeneS wrote at 2015-08-31 15:11:41
Nice to find others that enjoyed their music.  I saw them in the early 80s (just the two guys then) when they opened for a well-known group (Andrus Blackwood comes to mind, but I won't guarantee that) and liked them better than the main band.

I have the first two albums on LP and the 45 with Lobster Man/Johnstown 1889.  My favorites are King and the Maiden and Lobster Man (two totally different styles of song, I know)

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