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Christian Mysticism/What Deity or Spiritual Being fits this physical description?


What Deity or Spiritual Being fits this physical description?

When I was little I had reoccurring dreams and visions of this human form bathed in a whitey-blue light, and now I've been having them again and I'd just like to know if anyone has heard of them before, or if I'm just going a little crazy.

They have pitch black dark hair, really pale white skin almost like marble, their form is half woman half man (they're always nude), their palms are always open towards me, and their beauty is so indescribable - their beauty is unworldly, full lips.

And I think (even though I'm not religious) that they have said God's name to me quite a bit - so perhaps they're from Judaism or Christianity?

Thank you


Within the history of Christian mysticism, there have been numerous reports of such visions. While not exactly like yours, Theresa, John, and many others have written of their experiences encountering the Divine.

Quite often, the writings describe almost erotic beauty in these encounters, and there is an extensive history of the Divine being described as Wisdom which is normally understood as female. So, the concept of a mixed male/female and attractive manifestation is not unheard of.

Who, specifically, this manifestation represents, I cannot tell, and must leave that to your discernment. It is important to remember that the Divine cannot be contained in material form and therefore what you may be seeing is a representative manifestation rather than a reflection of any true form of the Divine (e.g., God as a spirit, manifests in forms we can recognize but the manifested form is for our benefit rather than defining or limiting the Divine in any way).

Does that help?

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