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Christian Mysticism/why are some people physically beautiful and others not?


why are some people physically beautiful and others not? i always wanted to know this? is there really a heaven? i believe in it.

ana, I don't think anyone knows for sure. Some say it's all in the eye of the beholder, but others say there might be some features that people, in a given culture anyhow, deem attractive.

I guess the short answer is that God gives us all different gifts. But the long answer goes into a debate about beauty. Is it cultural, trans-cultural or some combination of those? Also, we have to take into account spiritual vs. physical beauty.

As for heaven, I believe in it too.  

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I can probably be of assistance to those who feel they don't easily fit into the existing methods, molds or patterns usually associated with Christian mysticism.

I may comment on historical approaches. But in contemporary society many feel the need for new ways of connecting with the Holy Spirit, ways that are in sync and integrated within a 21st century worldview.


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