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QUESTION: What is the spiritual significance of blood and
how does it remove sin?

ANSWER: Hi Jennifer, thanks for writing.

Within Christianity blood represents life, and thus cleansing from sin. It is based in the Jewish sacrificial ritual in which the blood of the animal, or the animals life, provides the payment required for sin.

How does that work?

When we sin the first time, we separate ourselves from God. Because God has given us life, we have thus forfeited our life by being unfaithful to him.

A life then is required for the life we have forfeited. That life was represented in the blood of the sacrificed animal, and thus the association of blood with sin.

As a result, the blood of Jesus provides the life necessary to return Mankind to God.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your very clear response, and my follow-up question is:

If the blood of Jesus provided the life necessary to return mankind
to God, then why did everything become more dark and evil after the blood was shed?  Why wasn't the planet filled with love and light instead of hate
and darkness?

Thanks for your help.

Good observation.

The life and death of Jesus gives life to people in two ways.

First, they corrected the infidelity of Adam, so that mankind could rewritten to God. People are seen or accepted as faithful when they join with Jesus and God.

Secondly and slightly overlapping, each person (rather than mankind in general) becomes a partaker of that Life when they trust God and are faithful to him.

The world continues to be a dark and dangerous place because people get to choose how they will act.

What God wants is a world full of lovers and that can only be true of love is something we can choose or reject. Thus the death and life of Jesus does not mandate or compel us to love, but we must choose it. Unfortunately, many people don't.

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