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What little I know about you, I would consider you a liberal "Christian", esp.since I saw one of your quotes: "Christianity is based within the 4 walls of your home". I would like to hear what you say Christianity really is? You know there has to be some basic TRUTHS. For instance, baptism would b e highly, highly recommended as Jesus did it. To be saved, you have to have a very very personal rfelationship to Jesus. And the lists of TRUTHS go on. I would love to get your take on this though.

True christianity is the following of Christ, not Man or traditions.  When you do that, you will see the true (TRUE) message he was trying to reveal to mankind.  

It's very difficult for me to put that truth here though.  Unless you know the whole story and understand details that extend writing a large book, the truth is easily discmissable... as even I scoffed it many times in my life until I decided to research it further for myself.  

Understand the true meaning of the word Trinity.  
The Father: Adam
the Son: Jesus
The Holy Spirit: The true God

Whereas Jesus is the reincarnated Adam and embodied with God himself.  It was the only was ONE MAN could return to releive mankind of Satan's rulership.  When Adam gave in to deception by way of temptation, he gave rulership to Satan.  

If you read the bible correctly, you will see the truth Jesus is trying to reveal.  That the God we all think is really God isreally Satan pulling the wool over your eyes.  he is not of the same spirit as God.  He set himself up as God and succeeded in it.  While only those who know the truth, can accept the true God and see through this deception.

Please don't take my word for it or it is easily soffable and laghed at.  You will see the truth if you just keep this all in mind and re-read the bible.   In the KJV bible, Satan is the one referred to as JeHovah and is printed in All CAPS "LORD" not "Lord" or "lord".

the bible comes right out and gives yo uthe truth but easily os overlooked by many people.  It tells you that Jesus is not God but rather Adam who is WITH god in one body.  The Bible even says clearly that Adam is the Son of God and Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus is the ONLY BEGOTTEN son of God.  that Jesus is the last decendant of Adam at that time.  The Father and the Son.  The first and the last.  The beginning "of Satans rule" and the END of it.

Adam came many times and failed in those lives but when he returned as Jesus, he succeeded.

He even came out and said it (as it is written in the bible when he spoke to the churches) "You are of your father the devil.  He was a liar in the beginning and still is".

The trees spoken of in Genesis are tribes.  the fruit are people.  The seeds are offspring. The rivers are the flow of people.  And the book of genesis seems to be the only book where people refer to them as just trees and stuff.  All other books use them as symbols for people and nations and so forth.  read that correctly and you will see the true fall of man as well.

there is a lot to be discussed about this to show you ligh on the truth but is hard to do without writing a book.  Perhaps when I ever finish my book, you may find it and discover that this is real.

When you know the truth.. and when you see yourself free of sin and the false laws.... you are truly a Christian and truly free from Satan's deception.... a deception that has a hold of even the very elect.... just as was predicted.

BAPTISM: it is a ritual to represent birth.  We are all "born of the water" ...the womb.  Whereas others are not.  Jesus was the son of God even before he was baptised.  On a scientific level, water is the only thing that disrupts light and turns it to it's original source.  It is why full body submersion is required during this ritual.  The rebirth "you connecting with God" occurrs while completely submerged.  But although the bible speaks of baptism being reqquired, you have to understand that the "requirement" it is referring to is being born of the womb.  It is telling you that All mammals have souls.

PS: this is why aliens "demons" are abducting women and putting shildren in them. They think this is a short cut to getting to heaven.  The know about the womb too.  Unfortunately they aren't wise enough to know that this is a stupid attempt and will fail.  It's not the same thing.  They are missing something... something I obvioulsy will not list here.  lol

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