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QUESTION: Good morning, I couldn't ask a follow up question because it was set to private. I am glad that I'm not wasting your times because I have some more questions. As you may aware, please excuse my grammar. I am hard of hearing. Anyway, according to your answers, When God made Adam and Eve, they were made by God's image. But When they committed their first sins, they fall under the power of Satan.

Here my first question. Was that the time when Satan control over us? Before Jesus came.

Afterward, God left his throne and became a man, Jesus. Even though I haven't read the bible however, I am aware of the Tenth Commandments. Thou shall not lie, murder, steal and Worship God and so on. I do admit that I broke those laws more than once. When I committed a sin, I am separated from God. That why Jesus came to died for my sins on the cross to take my place. Like you said, Jesus' death defeated Satan..

My next question "If Satan was defeated by Jesus' Death, why does he still attack if he face defeats?"

Also, you said that "Jesus is God Incarnate, The Very Word And Expression of God." What does it means The Word?"

Lastly, I'm amazed that all we gotta do is believe his death. But is there more to it? Like doing our parts? Religions out there like Islam, Buddhism, and others taught about doing works.

Thanks Mr. Howard. For taking your times to answers these questions and helping me understand Christianity.


ANSWER: Hello Ryan,

Question 1.  When Adam and Eve sinned, they became Satan's slaves, and all of their children in them became slaves of Satan.  Before and after Christ came, and until he returns, all who don't believe in Christ are still children of Adam and Eve, and as such, they are slaves of Satan and sin.  But when people are reborn because they believe in Jesus, they no longer are children of Adam and Eve, but of God, and thus they don't belong to Satan, and Satan has no power or authority over him.

Question 2:  Satan attacks those who believe in Jesus because God is giving everyone a chance to believe.  Until then, Satan has not been thrown into the lake of fire, as all will be who follow him in the end.  In other words, everyone has a choice:  God or Satan.  God will destroy ALL evil, once and for all, at the end of time. So Satan, demons, and evil men and women are still in existence.  Satan and the demons made their final decision thousands of years ago:  They hate God and everyone who follows Him.  Satan and the demons are God's enemies, and enemies of the people of God.  Satan seeks to deceive all people who don't believe in Jesus, and to resist everyone who does believe in Jesus.  But those who believe in Jesus have authority and power over Satan and demons.  They can do what Jesus did:  cast demons out, and destroy the works of the devil.  Until Jesus returns, believers tell unbelievers about Jesus' love for them. If the unbeliever confesses his or her sin and trusts in Jesus, he or she will become a child of God, and no longer a slave of Satan or sin.  But because Satan and the demons have not been destroyed yet, they still do evil in this world with those who agree with evil.

Question 3:  This is what the Bible says:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God."  John 1:1

God is beyond anything we can imagine.  He is One being, yet a relationship:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  It's like a husband and wife are one, and their union brings about children.  The Father and Son are one, and their "union" is the Holy Spirit.  It's hard to explain because we are dealing with God, The Supreme Ultimate Being, beyond everything we can think, imagine, or reason.  Think of God like the sun:  Light, Heat, and Rays.  One sun.  Three relationships in one.  This is what God is like.  

Jesus is "The Word of God," meaning God expressed, or made known.  By Jesus, we can experience God, and see Him for who and what He is.  By the Spirit, we experience God in us, if we believe in Jesus.


The Father
The Son
The Spirit


Question 4:  Ryan, there is no more that anyone can do, other than trust what Jesus has already done!  Ryan, if you trust in Jesus, and you will become a son of God as soon as you finish reading my words!  Yet when you really believe something, it changes how you act!  Actions speak louder than words!  If you REALLY believe in Jesus, it will REALLY change how you are and how you act.  But believing is the issue, not doing.  Because you can't do anything to save yourself. Like you said, you already broke the 10 commandments.  So did I.  So has everyone.  By breaking the 10 Commandments, we all deserve death and hell.  We can't undo our past actions.  We can't do more good than evil, because God is perfect!  He wants us to obey Him.  But we've already disobeyed Him and deserve to be punished. The punishment for sin is eternal death.  But we can't pay the debt we owe God:  our souls.  But God loved us and gave His Son to die in our place.  That is the ONLY way our sins could be dealt with.  Not by anything we do.  Not by Buddhism, Islam, or any other works.  There is no other way Ryan.

Believe in Jesus Ryan.  Be born again. Don't wait.  You may not have another opportunity.  You wrote me for a purpose, and this is it:  That you, Ryan, may be born again RIGHT NOW!

Say these words:

I, Ryan, have broken your commandments.  I deserve death and hell.
I trust in Jesus' death for me as your son.  I trust in His resurrection to be born again.
I turn from sin once and for all and I will follow Your Spirit.
Thank you for saving me."

Write me back to let me know you said that prayer, and with any other questions you have.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I did prayed but it wasn't the prayer you typed. I forgot what I said but I remembered some it. I acknowledge and believe that Jesus is God. I believe that you are the True God, creator of heaven and earth. I am aware of my sins and I confess it upon you God. I believe that Jesus is the Christ, died on the cross to take upon my sins. I realized I deserved death and the gate of hell. But by your blood, you overcome my sins and defeated death. I believe the resurrection of Jesus, that one day I will resurrect. Thanks for the Spirit and teach me from what is right and wrong. As I obey your Word, Word of God. Jesus' Name, Amen

It was similar prayer like that. But after I said that prayer, I have a few questions. What next? What book of the bible is a good start and is there any website(s) for Newbie Christian? Which book is a good place to start that talk about the Christian Living?

Thanks Mr. Howard for teaching me the Right Way to Live for God.. Before I came to this website, I believe in a God but not sure which one. Now that my eyes (and ears) had opened. I know what God is the True God. Thanks again for your blessing.


Welcome to God's kingdom my little brother!

You only need to do four things:
1.  Tell two people what you did today.
2.  Read the Gospel of John, one chapter a day.
3.  Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your reading, and in everything you do.
4.  Write me at my email address, which I will send to you.  I'll answer as many questions as you want.

Again, welcome to eternal life!


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