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QUESTION: Recently, I had an experience in my own home that I feel was a direct attack. I'm really not sure where to turn because I'm afraid people will think I am crazy. At first, I thought I really was going crazy. I had to work an overnight shift that night so a decided to catch a nap on the couch which is my norm when I'm home alone. After falling asleep, I dreamed that I woke up, got ready to go, and was leaving the house to pick my daughter up and pay a few bills before going to work. When I walked outside, the area across my street was obliterated with huge craters where the houses should have been. There were these "men" forlack of a better word that were working away. There was a man in my driveway and he sad, "I fixed your fence, your dogs were out." I thanked him and he says, "If you come with me, I'll help you fix the road to go pick up (insert my daughter's name)." I thought sure, sounds good so I took his hand. Then a loud voice says, "No, stop." When I tried to pull away and turn around, the man wouldn't let me. I screamed and fought. And I remember looking up to the sky and seeing what looked like metoers steering through the sky. I thought to myself, I'm dreaming, I need to wake up. So I thought I did. I sat up on my couch and walked to look out the front door and the houses across the street had all been knocked down. There wee again "men" working there. I turned around and looked and could see myself lying on the couch sleeping. Again, I tried to wake myself up and again I cycled back through this dream state. This happened several times until I heard my daughter's voice calling to me and "woke" up. She was standing just inside the front door. I remember say sing, "why are you home, you should be at church." And she replied, "you've been asleep a long time. The children's minister brought me home." I panicked and started running around getting dressed until she laughed. I looked at her still standing in the doorway with this grin and realized this wasn't my daughter. I ran to the bathroom with the plan to dunk my head under some cold running water to wake myself up. Something trapped me by the foot and held me suspended in the air. I started screaming, "In Jesus name, I rebuke you." Over and over I screamed. Then I forgot the words and just screamed, "In Jesus name leave me alone, go away, In Jesus name." Then I heard a voice say, "Let go" and I was dropped to the floor. Then I was finally able to wake up. I was in the same position I had gone to sleep in. My throat was sore and my body hurt. I had been out of it about an hour and a half.

I would take any suggestions and advice. I worry for the safety of my family and I wonder if they have come under attack as well. Please help!

ANSWER: Hello Barbara.

Peace to you and your family from the Spirit.

Thank you for honoring me with this question.
You are no where near crazy.  
Never entertain that thought of being crazy again.

Just last night I had a "demonic dream" that I resisted.
By "demonic dream" I mean just that:  A dream given by a demon to distract, diminish, or destroy God's goal through fear induced paralysis of the will.

You are being demonically attacked, and the demons attacking you would attempt to attack your family, spiritually and physically.

But refuse to be afraid.

The Spirit of God allows attacks because we have authority in Christ to resist and defeat the devil and demons.

This is how:

1.  Make sure you have no unconfessed sin in your life.  

Don't misunderstand me here.
Don't go fishing for sins.
If there is unconfessed sin, either the Spirit has already shown you EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY what it is, or He will if you ask.  Ask Him.  If NOTHING comes to your mind IMMEDIATELY and SPECIFICALLY, you're fine!  I can't emphasize that enough Barbara.  The Bible says, "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."  Satan brings condemnation.  This means you feel guilty, but you have NO IDEA why or what to do about it.  The Spirit brings conviction.  That means you feel guilty SPECIFICALLY and you know EXACTLY what to do about it: confess, ask forgiveness, and repent.  THAT'S IT.  It's over.  Like it never happened, because of the Lord Jesus' death for us.

2. Take authority over the enemy in relation to you and your family.

Say this:
In the name of Jesus, I command Satan and every demon to be silent, inactive, and absent in relation to me and my family.

3.  Follow the Spirit.

This means maintain a clear conscience at all times, and in all ways.  
The Spirit guides by peace in your soul.
Where there is peace, you are following the Spirit.
Where there is disorder, you are not, as it is written,

"God is not the author of disorder but of peace."  

Let me know if this helps so far.
If so, next we'll deal with the nature of your dream, or any other dreams you have:  whether you should interpret them or resist and ignore them.

I'm here if you need me Barbara.

Peace be with you in the Spirit.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This helps very much and confirms some of the steps I have already taken. To add to this, I have also anointed my house each room, window, and door. And I realized that I was not in the right church if I was not comfortable reaching out to anyone of my brothers or sisters there. I have asked God to lead me to the right path and to place the people in my life that will help to guide me.

Also, let me give you some family history. My husband  and I have been together for  16 yrs. We are high school sweet hearts and were both very active in our local youth group. He was hurt badly by people within the church that he should have been able to trust and has turned his back on the church. Our son is 14 yrs old and I think that he has been fighting for years. He has had night terrors and now has some behavior issues. Our daughter is 11 yrs old and is strong in her faith. They both profess Christ and Christianity, however, our daughter still has the faith of a child.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I refuse to let this trap me in fear and I have continued on with my life. Preparing for future attacks and understanding the full reason is my main goal and focus.

ANSWER: I'm glad I was able to help and affirm you.
You're welcome for a quick reply.

And thank you for the family history.  It's very helpful in understanding the nature of the attacks.  You're right about your church.  Every church should be filled with mature warriors who can support you when attacked.

Do you want me to say more about the dream/dreams?  
I want to if you want me to.

Let me know.

Peace and power from the Spirit.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes please. I would appreciate any insight you might have.

Thanks again.

Alright Barbara.
Here's what I give you from my spirit.

Demonic dreams inspire hopeless confusing paralyzing fear.  
They need no interpretation.
We never listen to Satan.
He has nothing to say that we need or want to hear.
If anything, the meaning of demonic dreams is this:

You are God's child.
Satan hates you.
He attacks you to discourage or weaken you.
Continue to resist his attacks, whether dreams or otherwise.
Ignore the dreams.  They are distractions of mind and emotion.
He wants us to focus on the meaningless details and roller coaster ride of foolishness he presents.

Even if God is warning you or preparing you for hard times, dreams from Him are never confusing, hopeless, fear inducing, or paralyzing.  Don't get me wrong, God may "scare you" in the sense of the warning, and we do need to fear the Lord, supremely revering Him;  fearing displeasing Him.  But not in the sense of feeling terrified for the sake of being terrified.  The Devil likes to scare us.  God does not, as it is written, "Perfect love casts out fear, because fear has to do with punishment."  God is patient.  He warns us to protect us and give us a way to escape hardship if possible.  If it is not possible, He gives us the strength, wisdom, and comfort to endure hardships that will glorify Him.  

Think of the dreams God gave Pharaoh that Joseph interpreted. God told of 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine to prepare for hard times ahead.  

Think again of the dream God gave Nebuchadnezzar that Daniel interpreted.  God warned Nebuchadnezzar to humble himself, or he would be humbled by God.  

The Pharaoh took heed to the dreams from God, and prospered as a result.
Nebuchadnezzar ignored God's warning, and suffered as a result.


--God given dreams are for our good, to prepare us for hardship, or to warn us of God's impending discipline if we don't repent.
--Satanic dreams needlessly and hopelessly inspire paralyzing, confusing, and hopeless fear.

The way you resisted the demonic dreams, anointed your house, and focused on the name of Jesus is exactly what you needed to do, and to keep doing.

Barbara, the vividness of your dreams lead me to believe that God communicates (or can communicate) with you through dreams and visions.  God doesn't usually communicate with me in this way.  The Spirit speaks to me and I follow His voice.

If I have a dream from God, it's usually pretty serious

But the devil attempts to attack me a lot in dreams.

Every day I do all of things I'm telling you.

I am convinced believers should always take our enemy into account, as it is written,

"Submit to God, resist the devil and He will flee from you.  Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."

Please tell me if this helps you Barbara.

In Jesus Name,

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