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There is so much scripture on the afterlife of humans. I was wondering if you have come across anything to do with the souls of animals. I would also value your opinion on the matter. I do not understand why God would let us grow so attached to a pet we will never see again. I would love to believe that there is a better place for our passing pets, but I was just hoping there was some scripture or fact to back this up.

Hello Alexandra.

Thank you for the honor of answering your question.

This I know, and this you can know:
It is written,
"Bless the Lord, for He is good. His mercy endures forever."
"Every good and perfect gift comes from God."
"God is love."
"Love never fails."

You know in your heart that God will not destroy anything that is good.  Any love or goodness in this world that is real comes from Him, and thus in some way, by the very nature of who and what God is, will last forever.  God is love.  God is eternal.  Therefore love is eternal.

Though I know of no scriptures that speak about animals in heaven (or hell), I know that everything I've said to you is true.

I pray this comforts and encourages you.
In the Spirit,
and with love from God,

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