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I was hoping you may be able to help me. I am working on a paper about the Antichrist for a friend who is doing a book. I saw a documentary about this on history channel. It was really good. I have my beliefs that the antichrist is real, but many say that it is mostly just a myth. But my question is. I have heard the Antichrist mentioned as "The Man of the Hour." I was hoping you would know what that meant? Is there a bible verse that says the antichrist is the man of the hour? I could not find one.

Could that mean something that God is going to release the name and identity of the antichrist at the right time?

Also I was wondering if there is a connection of Antichrist to greek mythology. Because I know that Cronus in greek mythology is a god that was in charge of time. So does Man of the Hour have a correlation to the greek god Cronus? Because Cronus in greek mythology can decide when something is supposed to happen and when that is going to end. But in the end Cronus is kept in line by the greek pantheon of Zeus, so I don't know maybe he only is limited to a function of time? Makes sense to me to compare that to the Antichrist.




Thanks for your question.  

I would not agree with the understanding of the Antichrist as merely a myth, but I also believe that the popular understanding that he is a single political/religious figure who rises up against the church in the final years before the Second Coming is also erroneous.  Scripture speaks of both "antichrist" and "antichristS," the latter being many manifestations of religious figures who distract from Jesus by placing themselves as the center of attention.  My tradition actually identifies THE Antichrist as referring to the office of the Roman Papacy.  (for more on this, see ).  

I believe the title of the History Channel documentary to which you refer is just a catchy title, as North American English would use the idiom "Man of the hour" to refer to any figure who is the center of attention at a particular time and place, or the guest of honor at an event.  For example, if a roast was being held for the retirement of a CEO, he might be introduced as "the man of the hour" when he comes to the dais to respond to his roasters.  Although a few scholars have attempted to connect this Scriptural image to Greek mythological figures, I would conclude that any such connection is merely coincidental.  

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