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Dear Robertson

We are in the 21st century current year being 2014.

As mentioned in the Wikipedia, Lord Jesus Christ was born in
64 BC to 3033 AD. We celebrate Christmas on 25th December, Lord Jesus Christ's Birth date.

In Which century Lord Jesus Christ was born ?. Is it 4th century as mentioned (64 BC to 3033 AD) in Wikipedia ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant

Jesus was born in the year 1, in the first century, if we want to use our current accounting approach. Thus the year AD 1 in the first century AD.

However, many if not most scholars believe He was probably born between 4 and 6 BC, which would mean He was born in one of those years, or the first century BC.

By either reckoning, His birt would not have been in the 4th century AD or BC, but perhaps the year 4 BC.

Does that help at all?



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