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hi, I just want to say that for many years I have tried to come close to Jesus, I have prayed, I just can't get into reading the Bible and any little that I read, it is like reading a novel.
I just don't know any more, whether God exists. I am losing Faith rapidly.
I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Hello Collin,

I have very good news for you!  After you read my words, you will be able to directly experience God, with you, and in you, for the rest of your life.  Jesus is the one who guarantees this.  Jesus came to earth to give you the Spirit of God, to be with you and in you.  But there are two conditions given by Peter, a leader commissioned directly by Jesus and filled with His Spirit. You have to meet these conditions for Jesus to give you the Spirit of God:

1. Repent.
2. Be baptized.

If you do these two thing, you will experience two things in return:
1. Your sins will be forgiven.
2. You will receive the Spirit of God coming into you.

I'll explain what repentance and baptism mean.

To repent means to go in a completely different direction.  
It means you completely exchange your will for God's will.
You no longer live for yourself or anyone else.  Devote your entire life to being close to Jesus. After you've done this, after you've completely stopped living for yourself and completely devoted your life to God, you meet condition number two.

To be baptized means you publicly confess what you've done privately.  In other words, you tell at least two people that you've devoted your life to God.  It could be your Dad and Mom, your brothers and sisters, two close friends.  But you must make known publicly what you have done privately.

Now that you know the conditions Collin, you can begin right now by praying this prayer with me:

"Jesus, you are Lord.  Jesus are my Lord, the Lord of my life.  I exchange my will for Your will from now on."

After you pray that prayer to Jesus.  Call two people on the phone and tell them this, "Jesus is my Lord from now on."  Or text two people.  Or email two people.

After you tell two people, if you haven't already become consciously aware of God's Spirit in you, say these words:

"Jesus, I repented and I made this known, please give me your Spirit to be with me forever."

If you do these things, you will experience your sins completely forgiven and the very Presence of God, the Spirit of Jesus, in you and with you, from today on.

Write me back Collin and tell me what happened.

In the name of the Lord Jesus, who died for your sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven.


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