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Christian Spirituality/Elohim vs Jehova (Re: Adam and Eve)


Hi John,

I trust that you are well as always, I was reading your reply again this weekend and it dawned on me that ELOHIM (true God) created Adam who was a hermaphodite as you mentioned....

...and then Jehova (Satan) put Adam into a deep sleep and 'stole' Adam's "womanhood" and closed up where it was removed on Adam's body, JEHOVA then used the flesh he took from Adam and created Eve who he presented to Adam, would my understanding be correct ?

If 'yes', then why when ELOHIM (God)asked Adam what has he done, has he eaten the forbidden fruit and Adam said, 'yes' the woman you gave me, gave me the fruit ? Where was JEHOVA then, in the form of a snake ? who placed a curse on Jehova (Satan) saying that the woman will crush his head and he (snake) will eat the dust of the soil, I would like to believe that it was ELOHIM, GOD, EA, ADONAI, Creator of Adam, was it ?

I was reading 'Enuma Elish' and I get so confused by who is the real God is between Ea (Enki) and Marduk - but ignore this question, deal with the top questions, please John.

I do appreciate your guidance and patience !

-William Botsang

It's questions such as these that I fear the most.  Not because of the answers that preceed them but because of the difficulty involved in trying to explain and understand them.  I say this due to the fact that there is so much that needs to be understood before really comprehending the answers and until those things are understood, the answers you recieve will begin to uncover so many more questions that lead to doubts.  In turn, if these doubts are left unnatended to, they will eventually fester into mounds of self-deception.  So upon answering this one, please do not stop researching.  This is your "point of no return".

The reason that so much of this topic is dusputed among so many is because of the fact that Elohim, Jehovah, Satan, Devil, and other words are sporadic in various verses of the Old Testament.  This leads people to think "Well if Elohim is God and Jehovah is Satan then why...  how come... where..." because it always appears to switch back and forth between them in such a way that insinuates that it is one and then the other doing the same things.

Exodus 6:3King James Version (KJV)
3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them.

From Exodus 6:3, you can see that Jehovah is not always Jehovah.  This is to say that he claims to have appered as somone else from time to time.  And, at the time that the books were being written (even hundreds of years after the fact), the deception was still deeply engraved among mankind.  The translated versions of the Bible can not be used as an exact guide to point out who was who based on names.  Those who were translating the bible did so very carefully but were also still under the deception and therefore, on occaision, would interchange certain words as thy felt fit.  This is why the word "lord" appears in three ways (as I mentioned before).  "Lord", "lord" and "LORD" all represent three different Hebrew words in the hebrew bible (Old Testament).  And in the New Testament, they cycle among two words but none of which in the New testament ever refer to Jehovah in this way.  As a amtter of fact, the word Jehovah never appears once in the New Testament at all.

Even within the creation events, there is misconception.  For example, many would ask "How come it says that God created light in Genesis 3 but did not yet create the sun and stars until verse 14?"

In the original text of Genesis, God created "aur" which is interpreted in translation as "light".  In verse 14 it uses a different word, "marth" which means "liminaries" but is still interpreted in translation as "light".  

But despite the details, the one detail that everyone misses is the fact that all of creation during the creation events is often mistranslated as a whole... because they leave out one very important aspect that is never mentioned.  Here is an example...

Phonetically Written:
"u·iamr aleim iei aur u·iei aur u·ira aleim ath – e·aur ki – tub u·ibdl aleim bin e·aur u·bin e·chshk"

Which is translated in English as:
"and·he-is-saying Elohim he-shall-become light and·he-is-becoming light and·he-is-seeing Elohim » the·light that good and·he-is-separating Elohim between the·light and·between the·darkness"

And ended up becoming published as:
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

What was missing is the fact that on every creation event, the things being created were not made by God insomuch as they "are" God.  "he is becoming light".  And this is not just in thie verse.  Each one states that "he is becoming".  Well, at least until you get to the part where man is made.

The first event that discusses the creation of light is not the stars other luminaries of space.  This is God going from "simply existing" to "existing visually" and then separating himself from light and darkness ...which is to say first there was a tremendous flash of light and then an expanse of empty dark space space that exapnded.  He called that space the firmament... then calls that firmament Heaven (Gen 1:7)  He separated the firmaments from the waters above it and below it (These waters are "e-mim" and is in reference to the Angels – I can explain this at a later time).  He placed the luminaries in the expanse of the Heavens (firmament).

And there you have The first part of the creation events of the bible describing the Big Bang.  But it should also be noted that this is all mentioned as 2 different creation day events.  Nonetheless, "a day" in the creation events is correctly interpreted as "an age" and has not specific tiem frame associated with it.  It simply means "age" in much the same way we use the word when we say "the stone age" or "the ice age".  They were not the same duration.  Even thos who try to convince you that God did not create the universe but that it was created by a Big Bang will also attest to the fact that that Big Bang was nearly two events.  One being the expanse of the universe and Two being the coalescence of the luminaries (sun, stars, planets, etc).  And since planets come from those same stars, I simply reference them here although they are simply the part of the creation events that come next.  

I will not go through all the details of the creation events of Genesis (since science unwittingly does a good job of that themselves) but am simply arriving to a point...

Everything that came into existence exploded out from the very essence of God and is of God himself.  The true God.  The things that come next (as per your question) is very difficult to understand without first understanding that and the following explanation....

OT Understand the true God, you must understand simply that he is universal consciousness.  Not just consciousness is what is referred to as intelligent life but the consciousness that is in everything.  The very energy that inhabits every atom of ever object "is" or "is of" God.

Now, we are not God so I use a crude analogy here... and I hope no angel takes offense but am only doing this for demonstration....

If you were to create a bunch of androids, are those androids alive?  No.  They simply have their duties as defined by you.  They are all separate and individual entities but are subject to rules and guidlines as you setup in the beginning and can not function outside of them.  If they try to operate outside of those parameters, then that may occurr but given the right correction (direction) they must obey and continue upon the right path.

God was alone in the beginning and thus created beings of light.  In the creation evens, those were referred to as "the waters" in the same way that the Bible refers to rivers as liniages of people moving from one part of a land to another. (And not to spoil a good mystery but this is also the meaning of the rivers that run from the Garden of Eden).  No they were not flowing rivers of actual water.

Now just like androids, Angels and other beings, other than Man, do not have free will.  I think I mentioend this before but to recap, this is because they are not self-created.  Anything created by god is created for a reason and anything given a reason can not define it's own purpose and thus are not truly free.

However, in the act of the "big bang" God expanded to a great flash of light and then space (the firmament) expanded outward becoming the iniverse.  As God simply is the very beginning and end of everything.  Amid that empty epanse was the angels and the hosts of Heaven.  But amond that empty expanse was still consciousness as the essence of God himself.  This consciousness will soon develop into a coalescence of self-defined free will that is accessible only to the greater Angels (This is to say the 4 Cherubim put in charge of the universe and it's order).  And you guessed it, one of these was Sataniel (Now better known as Satan).

So Satan had the means and the ability to appear as pretty much anything he wanted.  And despite the fact that most people try to tell others that Satan is trying to destroy god, he in fact had never once stated that to be his objective.. but rather to by LIKE God.  "Like the most high".  Or at least he said this 'in his heart'.

Satan does not see himself as equal to God.  Nor does he see himself as God.  He sees himself as a rightful heir to all that is of God.  Although in charge of a third part of the heavens, he felt he should be at the right hand of God ruling over it all with Him.

I will try not to go into too many details here is this would only start developing into a book... so let's skip ahead now...

Elohim is the true God.  But let's not get confused.  Elohim is often mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (even apart from jehovah "LORD God").  But this is because Satan appears as many.  This is seen more clealy in one of the book left out of the Bible called "The Cave of treasures" also known as the book of Adam and Eve.

Many of the hosts of Heaven are not simply angelic beings of light.  They are real and physical.  Many are referred to as Aliens (and no not the little grey ones).  Many were male female in the days even when "man" was still hermaphrodite.  (and these are the "us" in "let us make man in our own image" or this is to say "let us make man as seperate male and female entities").  Among those aliens were their ruler (or their God under a deception) Satan.  Satan instructed them to perform the act of making man into seperate male and female through genetic manipulation.  And therefore created the first heirarchy by way of telling woman that she is ruled by the man.

The reason he did this has so many different purposes but the point is, God created "Adam" which is to say original man.  All the rest of us come from Adam.  We are self-creted beings as mentioned in previous answers.

What's important to note is that, at this time, The true God is not present.  All parts in this are being portrayed by either Satan of Devils who are under the order of Him (or Him in different forms).  The whole purpose in free will is to not be rules by anyone but yourself.  Therefore, God rested from all that he had made .... AKA... he left for a while.  This is when Satan stepped in and took over.

It was Satan posing as God who asked Adam what he had done.  This was to assert his authority over him and his rule.  Adam was God's son and a direct descendant.  Him and his kind were not capable of being so easily decieved.  But by created another from him, and decieving her, then having her decieve Adam (as this was simpler since she was an extension of him), then Satan was capable of the final deception...  of putting himself up as the godhead and having dominion over the Earth.

Very difficult to comprehend but even harder to explain so I hope you are following me here.

Try not to think of all this as being of light and flying angels and so forth.  See things kind of as they are today.  See Satan as a physical being with great power like super intelligent and powerful beings from another planet.  Imagine very large people like giants and aliens such as the tall blondes (very beautiful and "appearing as angels").

It's also imporant to note that the "deep sleep" is not simply just the act of putting one under to do genetic work on him.  It it is more figurative.  It is referring the long black out of human history.  And even the one many of us are under right now... a deep sleep...   or rather "period of unknown and ignorance of the truth".

The "snake" is not an accurate translation.  This is merely an english translation ofr "Serpent" which did not represent an actual snake...  rather it was depicting an alien race the draconians.  Thought to be lizard like, they are not.  They are capable of taking on many forms... even humans.  Even angels.  They are referred to as draconians or lizard like due to the ability to change their features ... shapeshifting.  They are one of the many races from the third of the hosts of heaven.  One of the many who were decieved by Satan and follow him in belief that he is God.

Anything that Satan ordered even to those who are (or were) under his rule is attributed to him.  So we hear of all these things doen by different entities but refer them all back to being Satan.  It's the same as if hundreds of people did many things under the rule of the givernment.  We never name people individually but rather simple say "The government did it".  Or more accurately might be when we say "The president did this" or "the president did that" when in fact many others did it but under his rule since he was the one who gave the order.  It's simply confused by translation.  Everything you now see in this world is spun of a deceptive web.  We are living a lie.  Churches unknowingly worship Satan and Demons are called visitors from another worlds.

Romans 12:2King James Version (KJV)
2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

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