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When we die (as Christians) do we not wait for the second coming to be raised from the dead to be judged along with the living? if so,,,does that not conflict with the concept of Purgatory?..are to go there or remain to be risen?,,,thank you...confused in my beliefs...Nick

Purgatory is merely a doctrinated concept of the Roman Catholic church.  It appears nowhere in the bible or other noncanonical text.  It was merely a concept to describe the after-life's spiritual realm for those who are spiritual and good but not yet having acheived a sufficient level of holiness to go to heaven.  In all of my research over the years, I see purgatory as nothing more than a fairy tale that the catholic church dreamed up in order to compensate for the lack of knowledge in certain areas of the bible in order to maintain the facade of being the ultimate authority of all things religious.

The reason they made this place up is because they had to find a way to explain where good people went after tehy died because there were too many questions due to the following items already taught by them....

1. When you die, you die... no reincarnation (other than exception only permitted by God himself)
2. If you are bad you go to hell
3. If you are good, you go to heaven
4. You can't go to heaven until the return of Christ after the tribulation and judgement.

So it simply left people wondering where you hang out at in the meantime if you didn't go to hell.  But the Roman Catholic Church did not condone belief in Ghosts as being part of doctrine.

“There is no settled doctrinal or moral practice with respect to ghosts or apparitions,” says Lawrence Cunningham, professor emeritus of theology at the University of Notre Dame. “You can’t point to a canon in ecumenical councils or canon law that addresses this.”

purgatory is simply a man-made word to explain a place that has no merit or validity in any doctrine anywhere.

When referring to purgatory, there is really no way to answer this question.

When not referring to purgatory, simply put, you remain in spirutal form on the earth or you go to hell....  but it's important to note that hell is usually ildefined.  It is not the same thing as the lake of fire.  hell (hades) is temporary.  The lake of fire is perminant.  You will find more information about this in many of my previous answers to other people's questions.

Please let me know if you need anyhting else.  Always glad to help.

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