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C wrote at 2013-03-05 23:00:40
I would say that the food example is not a good one - (sorry). It makes it sound like enjoying or even craving a particular food is wrong and I am pretty sure it isn't. We all have foods we like and don't like and sometimes people do get cravings.

In terms of sexual fantasies, I have been struggling with this. I  feel guilty when I have them but I don't really see a problem with it unless it takes up too much time. Yes I objectify myself in them because I like to feel like someone else is in control - like in a BMS way. But that is who I am. I have always been like this - ever since I was young and I don't think that should be suppressed. Also, a lot of people say it is healthy. I definitely have no problem with masturbation - that is natural but I find it hard to distinguish between masturbation and fantasies at times.

But I do think that we are all human and we do have urges - I just can't really understand how it can be wrong. I mean, it isn't like you are emotionally cheating or having actual sex. Surely it is a human urge. I struggle with sex before marriage thing too because a lot of people marry late now and there is so much pressure. But also, a lot of cultural things are changing and have changed since the Bible was written - like women no longer always cover their hair in church - even though i think it says it in the Bible in one of Paul's letters. And the Bible was written in a time when people married young, sometimes arranged marriages I think. In the old  Testament people had concubines and things! But they also didn't have contraception so if you became pregnant that was a real problem. I think that might be partially why sex after marriage was so encouraged. But I don't know.

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