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ktom wrote at 2010-05-17 13:45:22
Jesus did not know the hour or the day in His state of humiliation, but is now in His state of exultation which began with His descent into hell as the church confesses. Jesus and the Father are ONE. We can certainly discern the 'Signs', they are there, and have been there since the Ascension.  Hebrews chap.1 says that 'in these last days' to remind us to be vigilant as the last day approaches. Beware all 'new revelation'. Paul reminds us that the Word of God is enough, sufficient for all things, most especially our eternal salvation.  

GraceHead wrote at 2010-07-01 00:48:23
For Those Who Speak in The Name of The Lord, When The Lord Has Not Spoken... My Hand Shall Strike You Down! Says The Lord :

suez wrote at 2013-03-22 18:37:04
If I may add.  The Prophets are in the Bible!  If you want to know what the Prophets say, stay in the Bible.  Of coarse God can speak to us today in ways, dreams, visions, and such, but as Shannon says, it will go with the Bible. There are no modern day prophets today!! At least I haven't seen any parting sea's, calling down fire, or making the rain stop for 7 years. :) Stay with what God's word says, and you won't go wrong!!  :) Sue  

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