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Sis wrote at 2011-11-07 05:38:09
Actually, it says in Scripture that we are in a spiritual warfare and the devil roars like a lion ready to devour. His goal is to cause us to lose hope/faith. He doesnt want us to grow in our walk with God. He hates it. But yes, we who have the Holy Spirit cannot be possessed by a demon. I must warn you though that you may begin to hear several voices. I believe these are: the voices of evil, the voices of the world, the voices of the flesh (aka-evil desires), and the voice of God. It takes time to discern between these voices. I'd encourage you to pray that you'd be able to discern the truth/God's voice from a lie/other voices.  

stephen wrote at 2012-11-30 02:39:51
I am a Christian and I have a brother who hears terrible voices, cursing him and telling him to do terrible things. The situation started rather suddenly for him. My first reaction was demons. I am now positive that he has a mental condition instead. Please keep an open mind in your search for help. I am aware that this sounds very anti- christian, but I feel it is my duty to point out that mental illness is as real as demons are. Explore both avenues for help. God bless you.

scarlett wrote at 2013-04-22 05:56:38
This is more common than you think. Whether you believe it is a mental illness or not is everyone's own decision. The point is to be extremely cautious, try to remain grounded, have faith, and not to get to down on yourself about your spiritual and ethical maturity. Also, never do anything that will harm another person or yourself. I have met many people who have gone through this. They live with this without medication. A friend of mine once said, "Everyone hears voices. Most just won't admit to it." Another claims he has, and still hears voices. Another claims he works for God, preaches his word, and God has saved him from a demoral lifestyle. Meditation helps. It is a very strong form of prayer. Meditate and sleep if it gets too hard to bear. Never make too rash or abrupt decisions. Always meditate and take things slowly. Sleep on things often. Be careful.

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Issues related to religious cults and cult recovery. How to recognize a cult; deceptions perpetrated by cults; ways to go about helping family members leave cults; intervention planning and execution. Beware of those who try to point you to a "church" and not Christ. I would caution you that a deceived person does not know they are deceived; they completely believe they have and know "the truth."


I was in a religious cult for over 20 years, and have now been assisting others recover from cults for over 10 years. Area of expertise is in cults that are sabbatarian in nature. I hold a degree in theology. If you think you cannot be deceived and sucked into a cult, think again-- that's what everyone in a cult believes.

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