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Praise the lord . I chandrasekhar recently asked a question about love is sin? Sorry sir by mistake in last paragraph i typed we have now sexual thoughts insted of no sexual thoughts you have answerd me according to it so plesae kindly correct me and suggest me a right answer .

Dear Chandrasekhar,

Its all about discipleship. Regardless, whether it is with a woman or an idol, the battle is for the mind. These things take place to reveal the deceitfulness of our heart. (Jer 17:9) As our hearts are revealed, then we have the opportunity to repent or rejoice, depending on what comes out of our hearts...

If you do not have sinful thoughts toward one another, that is an indication that HE is first and foremost in the relationship! HE is honored by such a testimony. May you continue to wage war in the heavenlies by HIS Strength and walk in victory!

Pastor Ron

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