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I became I christian on sunday, and am trying to learn to be a good Christian. I love God and know he exists so I don't want to sin any more.

I have had a boyfriend for three years, we have been having sex throughout that time. Should I stop having sex with him? I'm not ready to get married financially or emotionally as I am still a student.

I love my boyfriend a lot, and I don't ever see myself with anyone else, but I don't think he would understand if I stopped sleeping with him, especially as he himself isn't religious.

I don't really know what to do now, whether I should break up with him as it's unfair or continue as we are and be sinful.

please advise me.

Dear Katy,

The first thing to do is follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This means He gives you the wisdom on how to act. It is a delicate subject and should be talked out in more detail. I live in Bradford, if ever you wish to come and discuss it further.

The reasoning you have is correct but its implementation can need real wisdom.

More details of your situation could help form a better picture of your circumstances.

In Jesus

God bless

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