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Praise the lord. My friend was from christian family . Up to certain age he use to belive in jesus he use to pray but as he finished his higher studies in one of the big universities. He became proud he leaved god  and thinking himself as a great person . Stared to worship idols as our countrt is idol worishiping country. He started saying that in our country no christianity it is foreigners religion i will not worship  foreign religion .and startd liking idols.  
Recently he also startd to date with a non.christian girl . She already breakup with her boy friend and started to date with my friend. She was beuitful girl. My friend has a good job  by seeing this shd started to date with her. My friend also attracted bg her and started to date with her . I was really worried for him . I need my friend back i was praying for him. I wany to talk with him but he will not listsn how can i bring him back . How can i convince him pleass say . So that by guidence of yours  i will guide my friend into christ

Chandu, I am very sorry to hear about this.  I have known the pain of losing a friend to sin in this way.

Your greatest work will be in prayer.  Your honest and desperate pleadings with the Lord for him will have their effect!  Remember what our Master taught us: "Keep on praying and do not give up."  No matter how long it takes, we can continue to come to the righteous Father and seek what we need or desire.  This desire is good and pleasing to Him, so continue asking!

More than that, be ready to speak to him gently and comfortingly.  Remind him of the love and peace that await him in life with Jesus and His church.  Do you recall Paul's reference to turning a brother over to be taught by Satan?  This is a reality.  Your friend will taste the bitter emptiness and pain of sin, and that will teach him how sweet Jesus' gospel and way really are.  You can be there for your friend to hear him out in his pain and gently remind him of what awaits him in Christ if he returns and repents.  Do not be afraid to speak honestly, but always be sure to speak gently and lovingly.  He must be reminded that he needs to return and repent, but not in condemnation or anger.  

I wish we could do something that would quickly lead to our loved ones' change of heart, but we must be patient and wait upon the Lord.  Praying and gently loving your friend with honesty is truly the greatest plan of action I can recommend to you.  When dealing with people's hearts, we are so limited, but God is not!

May the Master quickly come to answer your prayers for him, and may he be restored to full life!  Press on, my brother, and do not give up!  

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