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Hi i'm Amy and im wondering about Christianity

Who started Christianity?
How many and what are the types of Christanity?
Title of holy person?
Holy book?
Celebration days?
Special rituals?
How do Christians worship their god/s
Are than any food and dress customs
P.S I am a Muslim and my parents are very strict so I was too scared to ask them

Hi Amy,

Christianity started with the life of Christ and continued down through the centuries as people continued the traditions and precepts of the church.

There are many denominations of Christianity. That is simply different ways various churches have of understanding how to live under Christianity.

Jesus is the central figure in Christianity. He lived and taught that God lives within us. He demonstrated what that means by the many miracles he performed, and the things he taught. He continually worked to point out that we are just like Him and if we follow His example, we would find out.

The Bible is the holy book. It is a history of God's relationship with man. It is also Christ's life and the principles for living  that came out of His while here on earth.

The rituals depend on which denomination you subscribe to. Most Christians celebrate baptism. That is symbolically dying to one kind of life and rising to a new one. They also celebrate communion. That is symbolically taking Christ into your life as you would food and drink.

Christians worship God by realizing that God is in man the same way he was in Christ. They thank Him and sing praises to him.

Most food and dress is about the same. Some wear special robe. Other just wear either suites or common clothes.

If you have any more questions about Christianity, I would be honored to answer them.

Graig :>D

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