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Mr. Senn, the man with the name that has to be good in the Christian realm or he wouldn't be doing this (ha). Seriously though, here's my question, and I believe this one will really test your Bible skills: What is marriage in God's eyes. Most Christians, and preachers, will say it's the "traditional" one, in which there's a public ceremony with a certificate signed and stor3ed in the local county courthouse. The bible never does define marriage though. Be careful here. I have researched this question somewhat.

Because you have already researched this, there is no reason for me to try and match skills with you, however, since there seems to be a real desire to gather information, I will add my input.

In the Hebrew language (Most of the Old Testament), the term that is translated marry means to take the role of a husband that has died, and to sire children in his stead.

In the Greek, that meaning is somewhat conveyed, but it is more specific, in that it also relates to simply taking a woman as wife. Much of understanding the terminology in the Greek is, as it is in English, dependent upon context. There are places in the New Testament (Greek) where it means as the Hebrew, relating to taking the brother's place to sire. There are other places, as when Jesus spoke specifically of a man establishing a relationship as the husband, with a woman as wife, in the legal sense.

Some have indicated, although I have found no support from Scripture for this view, that a sexual union creates a marriage. In the English language, this can be shown to be true, but again, there is no support for it in Scripture.

I hope that your research coincides with mine on the subject. If not, I hope you will consider the additional information I provided.

With Love In Christ,
Phillip Senn

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