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My fiance will have financial problems if we get married.I told her we could have our own ceremony and dedicate it to God. I have researched this, and I believe it will "fly" with God. Your opinion please.

Barney, I want to thank you first off for coming to me for this pre-marital question...
I would like to work with you on this allexperts email service, because your good question can have different answers depending on the situation.  As creatures of God this is considered holy event.  To give a synops answer to you is no, because legally it must be done by an official recognized and the necessary paperwork to be filled.  See the two options you do have is 1) a private marrage ceremony or 2) a private marrage ceremony...  now the other option you have is to consider why will you have financial problems if you continue with marrage?  -So one option is you tell me what local denominations/churches are nearby to where you live in Texas...  this option is for a possible love offering to a ordained pastor of a (Trinity believing church), not a cult church...  the second option you have is probally costly because I wish I could perform this for the both of you in uniting in spirit but I live in California.

So maybe to be affordable you may have a private (behind doors or outside) marrage with a local God fearing pastor???

Please reply with your comments let me know...  

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