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I hope you don't mind personal questions, but this is serious if I need to trust you to answer my questions. To facilitate this trust, here's two interesting questions: The 1st one really bothers me: Why is your picture have you wearing sunglasses? And 2nd, you don't accept ratings. Why is that?

Hi Barney,

Ha ha ha ... the answers are so simple. I think I look better with my sunglasses on and I don't accept ratings because if someone disagrees with me they can give me a low rating just because they disagree and not because anyone is right. I used to accept ratings but I stopped when a person who asked for my understanding of a particular topic disagreed with what I said and accused me of believing something that I most definitely do not believe. When I told him that I didn't believe what he accused me of he got very angry and, in so many words, said that I did't know what I was talking about. It seems strange to me that a person would ask me a question when they think that they already know the answer. So, either a person agrees or disagrees but just because they disagree does not mean that I am wrong.

You might be interested in my book, "The Answer." Over a period of about fifty years I was able to legitimately solve the questions about God's existence and true identity along with essential related topics with absolute certainty, something that people everywhere are mistakenly convinced cannot be done and don't realize what that says about the God they say they believe in. I just discovered where everyone was mistaken and show how to arrive at the "obviously" correct answer so that there's no more guessing. Virtually everyone has been wrong about virtually everything.

I hope I've satisfactorily answered your questions.
Mr. McClellan  

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I can answer questions about Christian doctrine. I have over twenty-two years of formal education and served in Christian ministry for almost thirty-five years. My specialties are in the areas of doctrine, hermeneutics, history, apologetic, belief systems, and philosophy.


I have a vast and broad education in all the areas of study needed to be able to correctly recognize what the writers of the Bible wanted their readers to understand. I have taught biblical doctrine for many years to thousands of people, many of whom exclaimed that I was the best of the best when it came to helping people be confident of what the truth really is.

Numerous articles and one published book, "The Answer." One of my most recent works is "The Dummy's Guide to Life: Answers You Always Wanted But No One Could Satisfy 100%"

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