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l have been a christian since 14 and now lm 21, and still battle the liking to masturbate to males online,l use to scout to find males to give them oral sex but every time it suppose to happen God always stop them all but now l want a change and steps to remove this spirit of these lust just tell me everything to do to overcome this sin.

Evening Chris......   Chris you say your a Christian, which today can mean many things.  Even the devil believes Jesus is the son of God, but that don't make him no Christian....  And Paul found many Christians who after many years, were still Carnal Christians, they hadn't grown past the baby stages in growth in Christlikeness.

And Paul also found disciples of John the Baptist, who had never been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Acts 19.

One can be born of the Spirit, causing them to be born again, but never grow past that stage, and look and act no different than those of the world....

Even the disciples of Jesus never really understood many of the things He taught, UNTIL, Jesus ascended, and sent the Holy Spirit, to live in, and abide in the believers.  The Holy Spirit being the power to live the Christ like life...

Jesus needed the Holy Spirit in His life to live and do the things that He did. Jesus was able to sin, but never did, because He relied on the Holy Spirit to keep Him from all temptations.

Too many Christians today, got born again (saved), but never received the Holy Spirit, which is the power of God to bring the believer into the Divine Nature of God, and keep them from commiting sin..  Christianss without the power, can not but fail in trying to walk in the righteousness of the Lord.

Chris, have you asked the Holy Spirit/Jesus to come into your life, and become your LORD? He was Saviour, when you first confessed a belief in HIm.  But one must invite Him into ones life to become Lord of your  life, otherwise you remain lord of it, and fail every test.

I would ask you to simply ask Jesus, the one you confessed a belief in, to come, and live in you and teach you how to submit to His lordship in every area of your life.  He comes by invitation Chris. And He will teach you how to walk, and how to hear His voice, and how to stay away from the doors of temptation, and how to become the overcomer you read about in the book of Revelations..

If you want to know the simplicity of walking the Christian life, get a hold of the AA programs 12 steps..

It is a simple plan for alcoholics to get free from their addiction to alcohol, but it relies on the power of God, and their willingness to turn their will and their lives over to God..  Get those 12 steps Chris, and do them. God gave these men and women a simple plan, that has set many free from their addiction, and it will for you as well..

Let me know how you make out, okay?

Sincerely In Christ Jesus
Mr Burns.

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