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I'm a man and I want to know if it's biblically acceptable for me to dress as a lady for Halloween for humor.  Is it?  My lone motivation is for it's *humor and I think I'd look "nice"; this isn't about sexual gratifying.  You may need to seek discernment from the Spirit.

The need to seek discernment from the Spirit goes both ways.

Personally, I don't think it is wise to participate in Halloween at all so the question regarding a costume is mute.

Perhaps the "Stumbling Block Principle" applies.... since many Christians and a lot of non-Christians believe that Halloween is not of God, then wouldn't it be better to abstain? The "Stumbling Block Principle" simply states that rather than do something that could present a stumbling block to another person, I will avoid [some behavior, actions, etc.] out of love for them and so that my actions do not cloud my testimony of the supremacy of Christ in all things. Whether this behavior, etc., is good or bad, right or wrong, isn't the issue but whether my participation in it sends the wrong message.

The Apostle Paul discussed his priority and attitude in 1 Corinthians where he discussed eating meat that had previously been offered to idols. He said that he knew the idols were nothing, but that since his eating of the meat might cause other believers who thought the idols were demonic in nature to become confused, he would not eat the meat at all. In essence, he said that he had the license to eat the meat #meaning it was neither right or wrong# but that he did not have the liberty to do so #meaning that out of his love and care for other people, he would voluntarily restrict his behavior so that they would not be confused#. Wow, what a sacrifice! He was willing to deny himself those things that he could have so that he wouldn't interfere with someone else's dedication and commitment to Christ.

So, do you think that some Christians would have a problem with your wearing a dress? Do you think they might believe that God would disapprove? #By the way, the fact that you have posed the question indicates that you realize that some people will not understand.# How about non-Christians? Do you think they would believe that Christians should do it? Then I say, "Don't do it!" Why? Because the life we live is not our own, we are to live as Christ #Galatians 2:20# and we are to show Him to all people. "Avoid everything that resembles evil." Not just those things that ARE evil but even those that look like it!

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