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QUESTION: I'm a man and I want to know if it's biblically acceptable for me to dress as a lady for Halloween for humor.  Is it?  My lone motivation is for it's humor and I think I'd look "nice"; this isn't about sexual gratifying.  You may need to seek discernment from the Spirit.  :)

ANSWER: Well Nicky, I think u know the answer to your own question................
I also think you need to "seek The Holy Spirit" as it is clear from ur statement that you have no "spiritual discernment":

"Discernment refers to the process of tuning into God's will. It is a process of figuring out what God is calling us to. Discernment takes place when we have the opportunity to make an immediate decision, based on the word of God, as God does not contradict himself, either thro his word or his character"

To be able discern between good and evil, discerning the times, discerning between the spirits.
Requires commitment to God his purpose, his plan for your life and thro studying his precious word.

Making a "blank statement" will not accomplish anything.


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QUESTION: Ok, Paul:)  I need to be more clear when I ask inqueries here and you gave me good wisdom.  Please answer my question and "be nice about it."  You're working here and so you need to do more than "just tell me what to do and to not do."  See what I mean?  Thank you.

I dont know the answer-I dont ask if I dont know honestly.  I'm patient thanks to God so you can be glad.  I have discernment but not for my wondering question, Paul.  The Spirit has not *yet replied and I've asked for over a year-I still will ask.  I do believe with applicable Scripture---so please read me carefully when I write---we know if whether this is sound idea for the holiday.  For example now, someone used history and the Bible to tell us that we can celebrate Halloween if we dress in decent ways.  I could study the Word more.  Paul, I'm asking because there is a "difference" since I'm finding it funny and caring for others that this is the pure reason for the woman costume for a man and that "it just doesn't matter in our orderly dressed culture."  

I didn't try to send a message to you Paul that I was being blank-sorry-I said that you may need to ask the Spirit because I thought just maybe you wouldn't understand the context of my question and how its worth asking, Paul.  I do credit you for knowing God.  Good for you, Paul.  Thanks and Paul, I did think that the words I said provided you enough to know that I'm not being blank-God does provide answers-in various ways, too.

Ok Nicky;
I could easily quote u scriptures about not wearing womens clothes if ur a man (Deut 22:5).
Having nothing to do with the deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11)
Avoid all evil (Thessalonians 5:22).
Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you (Deut.6:14).
Be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about their gods, saying,  "How do these nations serve
their gods? We will do the same (Deut.12:30-31).
Do not learn the ways of the nations [heathens] (Jer.10:2).
Do not follow other gods to serve and worship them (Jer.25:6).

However I do not discern this is what u want to hear.
So I state "once again", u ask a question whose content is contrary to scripture, yet u still seek affirmation that its ok to do so,because:

"My lone motivation is for it's humor and I think I'd look nice; this isn't about sexual gratifying.
I'm finding it funny and caring for others that this is the pure reason for the woman costume for a man and that it just doesn't matter in our orderly dressed culture.

Oh really, is that what u think and believe!

Irrespective of your reason for wanting to "celebrate a pagan festival" dressed this way.
I would question your point of view,in even considering it, as well as y the question has been submitted in the first place.........

I hope I was "nicer" to u this time.


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