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QUESTION: With so much information available to the Jews about Jesus' coming, how in the world could most of them not believe He was the one? The OT even stated he would come from Bethlehem. The only logical answer to me was that God purposefully clouded their mind. What do you say?

ANSWER: Shalom Barney,

I personally accept his claims and teachings as inspired by HaShem (although we probably disagree on what he taught in some critical areas). I also believe he will return to be Melekh (King) of Israel and bring in the Kingdom.

Most Jews do not accept him for the following reasons (among others):

1. Rebbe Y'shua (who you call Jesus) did not fulfill the most critical prophecies (Isaiah 11 for instance). Messiah must fulfill this and the other requirements.
2. Those who claim to be his followers ascribe several teachings to him that directly violate Torah. Torah is the foundation of all biblical religion.
3. Most of his claimed followers reject biblical monotheism and most Jews assume that means he did as well (he did not).
4. Most Christians ascribe to their Jesus what is only due to HaShem.
5. More Jews have been persecuted and died at the hands of Christians than any other single group.
6. The vast majority of Christians do not honor the biblically mandated holy Shabbat (Sabbath) and they claim they are following his teachings on this (they are not, he was Shabbat observant).
7. His claimed followers observe none of the biblically mandated holy days. Rather they honor the holidays of other religions (every Christian holiday without exception comes from the Pagan religions they merged with and none from the Bible).
8. Most Christians eat pork and shellfish even though the Bible repeatedly condemns this for consumption. They misquote his and Rav Peter's teachings as support, and hence most Jews assume our Rebbe did not observe Kashrut (the Kosher laws of our people). Messiah must be fully Torah observant.
9. Most Christians believe they have replaced us as the Covenant people (despite the clear teachings of Rebbe Y'shua, Rav Paul and even HaShem Himself).
10. Many people were born in Bethlehem. That's an incidental compared to the important prophecies about HaMoshiach.
11. Christians frequently seek to prove their beliefs by abusing Tanakh passages to teach what they clearly do not. Our sages view this as blasphemy and attribute it to their teacher, "Jesus."
12: Rebbe Y'shua did not fulfill the following critical prophetic requirements:

   Isaiah 2, 11, 42; 59:20
   Jeremiah 23, 30, 33; 48:47; 49:39
   Ezekiel 38:16
   Hosea 3:4-3:5
   Micah 4
   Zephaniah 3:9
   Zechariah 14:9
   Daniel 10:14

That he will return and complete his task in the future (as you and I both believe he will) is never clearly taught in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) and so the rabbis understandably question this excuse for why he failed to meet the Messianic qualifications.

I hope this helps you understand the firm foundation upon which the rabbis stand when rejecting him. The case for him as HaMoshiach is no where as clear as you seem to believe.

Feel free to write back if you'd like to discuss these things.

~ Yochanan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My follow up is that I appreciate a quick response, but i think I know why you  don't accept ratings, since you're in a category that has a lot of Christians on it, and you call yourself 'Allfaith" but it appears you're highly Jewish. That combination will be lethal to you when you answer the way you do. You know Christians believe that those who don't accept Jesus as their personal Savior are condemned for hell. Are you sure you haven't asked your God to show you the Truth? I mean really, really asked Him from the Bottom of your Heart?


The reason I don't accept ratings is because truth isn't up for a vote. I take each question seriously and answer according to my considerable knowledge and experience. I've been with AllExperts for many years and I volunteer in many different categories. I don't accept ratings in any of them.

Many of the Christian dogmas are not biblical. Those who are interested in Rebbe Y'shua's true teachings are welcome to contact me for information. Those who are not interested can do as they deem best and I wish them only good.

I have devoted over 40 years to seeking God. I hold three Christian ordinations, a Rabbinic ordination, a Master in Religious Studies and other degrees etc. Yes, I have asked God to show me the truth from "the bottom of my heart," indeed I do so daily.


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