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Hey, I like talking to someone who has a different perspective. So try out your hand on marriage. Most I talk to says marriage is what everybody does---gets a preacher or judge to publically marry them, sign the certificate and get it to the courthouse, and waali, you're married. Is there other ways to get married?

Hi Barney,

In my opinion, marriage is an agreement between two people, and for me it is between a man and a woman. The State does not have to be involved. You do not need a license to get married. You only need a couple of witnesses. You want that agreement down on paper and signed by those witnesses.

There are also common law marriages. They are a lot like what I just described. They involve living together for a certain period and then you are thought to be married.

The disadvantage of getting a license is that you, your wife, and the state are party to the contract and therefore are partners in the proceeds, namely the children. I'd rather keep the state out of it as much as possible.

Graig :>D

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