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Pastor Ron, Give me your opinion on what marriage is. Is it the piece of paper you get when you're "officially married", or can it be in other ways?

Dear Barney,
Biblically, when two people (consenting adults) of the opposite sex agree in covenant to commit their lives to each other for life, according to the Scriptures, they enter into a marriage covenant before GOD.
Legally, when the above is entered into and according to the laws of the State where they reside are satisfied, the same occurs.
Depending on the conviction of those entering into this covenant regarding the satisfaction of both the biblical and the legal, marriage occurs.
There were no documents in marriage as filed with the governing authorities for a long, long time from the beginning. But there were marriages! Also, during that time there were fewer divorces. About the time that marriage became a taxable controlled contract instead of a covenant before The Creator, the divorce rate began to climb...
Until two hearts are united as one before the Creator, anything goes. Especially these days. Even as they were doing during the days of Noah (Mat 24), but not in covenant before the Creator. It is happening again! We know what the outcome was during the time of Noah; Judgement. The same is impending even now!

May you seek The Creator and HIS will for your life in all things!

Hope this helps!
Pastor Ron

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